Lexer was created by data rockstars, for data rockstars. But how do we distinguish between a data rockstar and a data rookie? Here’s our definition of a data rockstar and why it applies to both the Lexer team and Lexer users (like you)!

Every data rockstar knows: Technology will only take you so far. 

To make the greatest impact, you have to pair that technology with talented teams who know how to turn insight into action and effective processes to support a smooth launch of those actions. 

As a recent BCG survey found, “about 10% of value is driven by data and algorithms, 20% by technology, and the remaining 70% by process and people.”

That’s why Lexer places such a heavy emphasis on that remaining 70%. With strategic guidance and cultural support from our success team, we help our customers think like data rockstars, act like data rockstars, and succeed like data rockstars to maximize the impact of our technology. 

So what is a data rockstar, anyway?

You might think that a data rockstar is created by their access to (and abundance of) data—but that’s only a small part of the puzzle. Rather, a person only achieves data rockstardom once they’ve learned how to use that data to power real actions and real results.

Data rockstar (noun): a successful analyst, marketer, service team member, sales associate or other epic user of customer data for the purpose of creativity, influence, and genuine customer engagement.

Data rockstars can be found on any team, including marketing, customer service, and executive teams. But no matter the team, a data rockstar aims to transform their businesses to provide a best-in-class customer experience—and they know that the only way to drive that transformation is through data.

Instead of becoming overwhelmed and distracted by the “noise” that large datasets often create, data rockstars have the ability to effectively manage and decipher data, often through the use of a Customer Data Platform (CDP). They use cutting-edge technology like CDPs to discover valuable customer insights and activate revenue-generating strategies across every customer touchpoint.

Knowing that the data tells a story about their customers as individuals and as a collective, the data rockstar continuously revisits that data to understand who their customers are and how to better engage them for loyalty and revenue growth.

In other words, a data rockstar must have:

  1. Access to unified, enriched, and holistic customer data.
  2. The ability to self-serve insights from that data.
  3. The ability to use insights to drive engagement and innovation.
  4. A customer-centric mindset and culture.

You’ll find a data rockstar—or two or three—in every legendary brand.

That’s why we’re here. That’s why you’re here, too.


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Lexer is the only Customer Data Platform built specifically for brands and retailers.

With one of the simplest set-ups and fastest onboarding processes in the industry, Lexer’s CDP effortlessly combines, cleanses and enriches your data into a single view of the customer. As the only CDP to natively support all customer touchpoints, we make your data available to every team so they can genuinely understand and engage your customers.

But as every data rockstar knows, technology only gets you so far—so we offer professional services to take you to the next level. Our talented team of data rockstars ensure a smooth CDP implementation, filling any gaps you might have in strategic understanding, analytics maturity, team capacity, and IT resources.